Sunday, November 16, 2008

Eli Gets Award at School for Empathy

On Friday November 14th, Eli received a "Soring Spirit" award in front of the whole school as a student who shows empathy. At the school Eli goes to, once a month they recognize students who show H.E.A.R.T. (Harmony, Empathy, Achievement, Reflection, Transformation). His teacher said that he is always quick to help someone who has gotten hurt or is willing to walk students to the office who are not feeling well. She said you can tell he has learned from his diabetes and is always looking for ways to help other students who might not be feeling well. We are so proud of Eli and the efforts he has made to be a good example to others in his class. (In case you are wondering why his clothes are on backwards, it was backwards day at school.)


Barbara said...

Way to go Eli!!! What a great award to receive. I love your camping post too- what fun parents you are. Camping at home! The thing I hated the most about camping was the clean up afterwards. Washing all the dishes again- washing all the smoky smelling bedding, clothes etc. And then bathing everyone-
Good for you for going camping!

Sally Jo said...

I am so proud of you. This award is so important. More than any trophy for sports or a great report card because it is about the real person that is inside of you. The person we love so much.
Love Grandma Nutty