Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Fun

We had a very quite and relaxing Christmas morning that started at 3:45 with Eli coming in and letting us know that Santa had brought him an MP3 player. Thankfully he crawled in with us and went back to sleep. We were all up around 6:30 and with anxious dad around all the gifts were opened by 8:00. We have very generous grandparents who always find just the right gift for the boys. Here are a few pictures of the gift receiving.

Here is Luke with Mickey present #1 of I think 10. All he asked for this year were mickey presents, nothing in particular as long as they were Mickey presents.

And here was #2 a set of Mickey Legos. He has really loved these and feels like one of the big boys doing legos.

Ok so he didn't get all Mickey presents. He also got his own light saber so now we finally have three light sabers for all the fighting we could ever want.

Wyatt got a bow and arrow from Grandma and Grandpa Price

He also got some really fun shake up cars from Grandma and Grandpa Nutty.

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Eli getting a bionicle. He loved this one because it came with a ship. He has such a knack for putting these together, I think he can do these in about 10 minutes now.

He was very excited to get a new webkins.

We had a very wonderful Christmas and are very thankful to have the love of those so close to us even though the miles keep us apart on Christmas.

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Barbara said...

Wish we were there to see all the fun! Amy brought her guitar and microphone so the kids had fun with the two guitars and Mckenzie singing. It was fun. Mckenzie can really sing! They are all getting so grown up!