Friday, May 29, 2009


I was frustrated with my three boys this morning because it took them over a half an hour to eat a bowl of cereal, and then another half an hour to get dressed. I was voicing my frustrations to Jeremy and he said, "Well it is kind of hard when you always have two friends around." I have been thinking about that all morning and how my boys really are the best of friends. In all of that hour long ordeal to get ready, there was not one fight, it was just playing, pretending and making up games. Not to say they never fight, we have our fair share of that too, but for the most part, they really are the best of friends. I look so forward to watching their relationships in the future as I know they are just going to get closer and closer to each other. Having all boys really is going to have its advantages and be really fun! Here are a few pictures from over the past few years of my boys together.

This was this past weekend at the local baseball game.

Just Hanging Out (February 2008)

One from Leann( Spring 2008

Boys and Dad (June 2007)

Here was our first picture of the three of them together. (July 2006)


Sims Mom said...

We love all your boys and can't wait for the next one!

Janet said...

Your boys ARE wonderful!

The six of us! said...

They are such swet boys too! Hope to see you at the pool this summer!

Barbara said...

What a great post, they are best friends! So cute and look how tiny Luke was- very handsome, cute, adorable, fun boys!

Camille said...

This is so sweet. You are lucky to have such adorable boys.