Friday, December 18, 2009

The Faith of a Child

I put that funny story about Luke on here a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to share a sweet story about him too. I hope this is not too personal, but as I use this as our family journal I wanted to make sure it was documented.

We have an older truck that runs good most of the time, except for in the rain. Since we live in Southern California and it rains like 10 days a year we are OK with it. Last Monday we did wake up to rain and I had forgotten about the trucks rain problem until Jeremy called and reminded me. We got Eli to school with no incident, I parked the truck in the garage so it could stay dry all day until we had to pick him up from school. By the time 2:45 came around it was down pouring. I thought the truck was probably dry enough to get to school and back with no problems as it is only about 1 1/2 miles from home. I was wrong. I was in the pick up line and the truck died. Fortunately we were on a hill and I could put it in neutral and coast down to the shoulder and out of the other parents way. I didn't know what to do I was a mile from the school, it was pouring rain and I had three small kids in the car. I called Jeremy who was working over an hour away and he said to just wait and it would hopefully start. I got off the phone with him and told Wyatt and Luke we needed to pray. I offered a short and simple prayer that the truck would start. When I was finished Luke immediately said, "And now Heavenly Father will send an angel." Oh the faith of a child. I silently said another prayer to myself that this would be a good faith building experience as well as a rescue. I waited about one more minute and tried to turn the truck back on it wouldn't start. I turned the key one more time and of course the truck started right up. We were able to get to the school, pick up Eli, and get home again with no problems. I was proud of Wyatt who said as we got going, now we need to pray and thank Heavenly Father. I actually found him three more times that afternoon on his knees giving thanks for the help we received. They couldn't wait for Jeremy to get home that evening to tell him the story of our rescue.

I am so thankful to a Heavenly Father who hears and answers our prayers. It is at times like this when I know he is there to back up everything we are trying to teach in family home evening and our scripture study. Sorry if this is a little long but I couldn't pass up the chance to record a special experience like this.


Susan said...

So sweet Sandy!

Leanne said...

How awesome is that... they will never forget that!

Barbara said...

oh, I LOVE that--the faith of a child and a Mom - so tender- I'm glad you shared it as when you want to remember all these tender moments - sometimes you forget.

Janet said...

I loved it! Thank you!