Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Day at Big Rock

We spent a beautiful New Years Day in Lake Perris rock climbing. We had so much fun with the other Price family. Only a few of the kids actually climbed on the rock wall with ropes but it was great to just be outdoors. The weather was beautiful and the kids found hours of rocks to climb on. It is so fun to spend a day with a family where our kids all get along so well, we got there, everyone found someone to play with, and we adults got to mostly sit back and enjoy the day. Here are a few fun pictures of the day.
Luke and Charlie striking a pose.

Rex enjoying a rare day outdoors.

Wyatt and Grant they are the best of friends!

Some actual rock climbing. This was my first time watching Eli climb I was so impressed at how fast he got up the wall.

The beautiful sunset ending a perfect day.

I think this great day was an indication of what a great year this is going to be. Friends and fun what more can we ask for.


Barbara said...

We missed you so much!!!!
Your weather- we are so jealous- we still have so much SNOW...

Little Rex, so cute! Jenny is at Newport beach so she does not think she will stop by as it is so far, Chelsey drove the rental car and they were packed in-

Can't wait for Eli's baptism, do you have a date yet?

Leanne said...

This was fun! Check out me blog for somemore pics... just make them big and you can save them to your computer until I get you a cd!
Thanks so much!