Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's Great to be Eight!

This past Friday Eli turned Eight. I can't believe that he is getting baptized in a few weeks. (Am I really old enough to have a child getting baptized?) We celebrated his big day with our first slumber party. He invited 4 of his friends. They had so much fun, each had their own DS and we have our WII and two big buckets of LEGOs what else to boys need? Oh yeah pizza and build your own Sundays. They were set, I went to bed around 9:00 and Jeremy was such a trooper, he stayed up with them till midnight after they had all fallen asleep. We're not sure what time they woke up but I heard them first at 6:00am. It was a really fun day/night for Eli.

We are really looking forward to his baptism in a few short weeks. Eli has been working hard to be prepared for the big day. I am so proud of him and what a good boy he is. Eli has grown up a lot this year. I love to watch him practice the piano and do his math which are both a great challenge for our smart boy. I am sure most of you know Eli lives with diabetes and I watch him daily strive to keep himself healthy as he knows how important that is. Eli has a ton of courage and shows it when he tries new things all the time like rock climbing and motorcycling. He watched the Olympics this winter and expressed a desire to try every sport. I am so thankful for this sweet boy in my life and know that Heavenly Father blessed our family to have him as the oldest of four boys. Happy Birthday Eli I love you. Here are some fun pictures of Eli from this last year, except the first one, I had to throw in one from the day he was born he was such a cute baby!
March 5, 2002

Blowing out the candles on this "birthday sunday"

Opening presents

Always smiling!

Looking for the next adventure

First day of second grade


Janet said...

Happy Birthday Eli!! Congratulations on your decision to be baptized. Thank you for your good example!

The six of us! said...

Happy happy birthday Eli! What a fun age! I still remember Eli in nursery, he always wanted to give the prayer for the snack. It's going to be a very special day for all of you!

P.S. my kids want to try snowboarding and bobsleding cause of the Olympics too. : )

Barbara said...

Oh I love him--handsome,kind,smart, lots of courage, fun to talk to and a GREAT big brother--

Sims Mom said...

Love baptisms! Happy Birthday Eli.