Thursday, April 1, 2010

In Loving Memory

Last Friday morning my sweet Grandpa Meyer died. We found out a few months ago that he had lung cancer and he started chemo for it but then about a month ago he fell and broke his hip. The doctors did not think he was strong enough for the surgery so he was moved to hospice.

My Grandpa was one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met. From the time I can remember he would call all of us kids on our birthdays to wish us a happy birthday, the conversation would last all of about 1 minute but the point was he remembered us on our special day and loved us. As we grew up got married and had kids this did not change in fact he just added our spouses and children onto his list of important phone calls. He would also call us on our anniversaries each year to tell us congratulations on another year.

One other thing I will always cherish about my grandpa was his talent for woodcarving. My kids all have little toys made by him and I have about 10 Santa clauses from around the world that he made for me. He also carved me a nativity that has always been priceless but will be even more special now that he is gone. I feel so blessed that 3 out of my 4 boys have a special treasure box made by their great grandpa. (I think that Rex's treasure box is somewhere in his things and my dad has said he will finish it for him I look forward to completing our set.)

I have so many wonderful memories of him and as I reminisce about all the summers we spent with him bringing us doughnut every morning and where I gained my love of frozen mini candy bars, everything comes down to I know he loved me and that I was important to him. I am thankful for the temple and know that in one year we will be able to do his work for him. What a merciful heavenly father to give us these moments of peace and hope.

Here is a picture I took of him with Wyatt and Eli in August of 2005 when he came to visit us at our house in Temecula.


Janet said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Grandpa. I remember having dinner with him at your house in 2005. Great Memories. We sure miss you guys!

James & Jessi McCalvy said...

What beautiful memories you wrote.

The six of us! said...

So sorry for your loss. It sounds like he has left you with some wonderful memories and loving gifts. Peace be with you and and your family.

Camille said...

Your grandpa is so sweet. I'm sorry to hear he's gone. That is so neat that you have such thoughtful gifts from him to treasure, especially now that he is gone.