Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blueberries and Buddies

We took a really fun preschool field trip to a blueberry farm today. Each child was given a little bucket and they could go out in the fields and pick until their hearts were content. Eli was at school and my good friend Bridget watched Rex so I could go with just Wyatt and Luke. The blueberry lady told them just to use their thumb and pointer finger to pick the berries so they were ever so careful not to squish any blueberries. They picked for about 20 minutes, climbed on the tractor, and checked out the scarecrow. Dream day for my two little boys. I love days like today when we can just enjoy such simple things like blueberries. If anyone has a good blueberry recipe for me I'd love to hear it. Enjoy some of the pictures from a fun day on the farm.


Janet said...

Yum!! What a fun day! That makes me miss California even more! I do have some good recipes I'll try and get on the ball and e-mail them to you.

Karen said...

Yum! We used to get blueberries by the gallon in Oregon. Love them! I'll have to look that place up! I love getting my kids out in nature too. Doesn't happen enough living in the city!