Sunday, February 28, 2010

We Finished!!!

I wanted it documented our completion of the Harry Potter series. This fall we stared reading as a family the first book. I have been reading to the boys at night before they would get into bed. By the end of the first book they were hooked. We have been reading almost every night since and this afternoon we finished #7. It has been really fun to watch the boys get so into these books. Eli in particular has really enjoyed this series. I loved that they would hurry each night to get ready for bed so we could have more time to read. They would almost always have to find a pencil or a toy of some kind to hold as a wand while I read. They have tried out spells on each other, and many times I have had to outlaw spell casting due to fights about who cast their spell first. Has any other mom had their kids tell on each other because one of their brothers cast an "unforgivable curse" on them? This will give you an idea as to how much Eli loved these books; one afternoon he had finished his homework and there was still about 45 minutes before dinner. I told him he could play his DS or I would read to him from Harry Potter. He didn't even take a second to say he would rather have me read to him. Our only problem now is deciding what we should read next, I want to hurry and find something quick so we don't get out of the habit of reading together. I would love to hear suggestions from any of you as to what you have read together.


Janet said...

O.k., a few that come to mind:

Leven Thumps
Artemis Fowl
The Mysterious Benedict Society
Percy and the Olympians.

The first two are written by LDS authors. I've read the first Leven Thumps and thought it was pretty good. I haven't read the other two series, but Kelly loves them and I've heard others rave about Fablehaven. The Myterious Benedict Society was awesome! I totally loved it. I couldn't put them down and they didn't seem as predictable to me as some of the others. Percy and the Olympians are also very good, but the whole idea of Greek Gods is a little much and it may be a little to mature, I don't know. You just may need to preview. I hope this helps! Let me know what you guys read next. I wish Kevin would be interested in reading Harry Potter, but he truly prefers non-fiction. Maybe if I read them to him, hmmm. I'll have to think about that.

Tracie said...

Good job!!! My boys are finally getting old enough to get into lengthy stories. We're reading Treasure Island right now, it's my first time reading it too. I'm surprised they have the attention span for it! I've also heard good things about those Janet listed and the Redwall series. I recently read Peter Pan and will give Wizard of Oz a try next. I'm trying to get in classics I never read as a kid :) I just wish I was more disciplined to be more consistent at reading to them before bed - I'm better at afternoons!

Jenn said...

Hi Sandy. It's Jennifer Walker. I found your blog through a few others...I hope that's ok. What a cute family you have! Fablehaven and Percy Jackson and the Olympians are both fantastic! I read them to my 6th graders, who loved them! Charlie Bone by Jenny Nimmo is another great series, as is The Spiderwick Chronicles.