Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"My Evil Button"

So I was at Walmart yesterday afteroon, taking a rare trip with all four boys. They had been pretty good (I had bribed them with a promised trip to Sonic's happy hour if they were good). We made it to the check out stand and that was about all they could take. Of course the gift card I was trying to use wouldn't work and then the boys really started to get antsy. Wyatt and Luke were standing next to me talking and I hear Luke(3) say to Wyatt(5), "Don't make me push my 'Evil Button'" I looked down and he had one of the walmart smiley face stickers on his belly and was showing Wyatt that it was his "Evil Button". It just made me laugh that in this situation, he was going to pull out the Evil Button. For those of you who know Luke or have heard anything about him know that yes, he definetly does have an Evil Button I just didn't know it was the happy face sticker from Walmart. Could there be any better time or place to engage such a button than at 4:00 in the afternoon during the holidays at Walmart with four boys? Maybe it was one of those had to be there situations but I thought it was funny.
For those of you wondering, no, it did not get pushed!


Sims Mom said...

LOL, that is funny! I wish I had that much control over my evil button!

Janet said...

Whew! What a close one! I'd hate to see what would happen if his button was pushed! I love listening to children's creativity. It makes life so much better, (even at Wal Mart with everyone!)

Jared McInelly said...

Went to WalMart yesterday with 3 of my kids. As we were leaving one of the workers asked us if my kids wanted a sticker. My first thought was "No! No evil buttons."
I told my kids this story on the way home. They thought it was funny.